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Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are classes that any student can choose to take through MGHS. These classes are designed to offer a college level of challenge during high school with the option of taking an exam for potential college credit at the end of the course. At MGHS we offer a number of options for AP courses across many different subject areas!

If you are a student currently taking an AP course, here are some important items:

Why take AP courses?

AP courses allow students the option of challenging themselves during their high school education, to learn valuable college and career skills, as well as have the opportunity to take an exam to earn college credit. These courses are open to ANY student and we have a number of resources to help support our learners in their journey. These classes can give students an advantage in college by helping students to:

  • earn college credit before attending college.
  • stand out on college applications.
  • learn about subject areas that excite them and can lead to future careers.
  • develop skills vital to success in a college or a career.


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Do I have to take the AP exam if I take the course?

No, you are not required to take an AP exam just because you took the course. Taking an AP course still shows up on a high school transcript and still shows your willingness to take on a challenge! Often just taking the course is still beneficial! Some benefits can include...

  • Building Skills. Taking on a challenging course and learning vital study skills can be helpful, no matter what happens with the exam.
  • Setting up future success. When a student takes a future course similar to their AP course it will generally be much easier for them. 
  • Building confidence. AP classes and exams are challenging! Confronting this challenge head on can build confidence in future coursework.


What options are open for taking AP exams?

Most of the time students enroll in an AP course and sign up to take the exam in May. There are other options available. All of these options still require a student to register for their exams through our AP Coordinator and pay for exams through MGHS. These options include:

Independent Study, or self-paced study.

A student can choose to learn all of the AP exam content on their own, through tutors, or home-schooling and then take the exam through MGHS in May. Students will be signed up for an "Exam Only" AP course that allows them some access to learning resources through their AP Classroom account. Be sure to email your AP Coordinator if you plan to take this option.

Independent Study with a teacher.

A student can choose to take on an independent study with a staff member at MGHS. The student will sign up for an "Exam Only" version of their AP Classroom account and can ask their teacher for support as needed. Please note that this is still an independent study with the focus on the learning in the students' hands! Again, be sure to contact your AP Coordinator to be sure you are registered for your exams.


Want some help preparing for your AP Exams?

Here are some resources you can use to prepare for AP Exams: